Santa’s Helper Workout

Is it just me or is the holiday season a tough time to motivate yourself to workout? I have definitely been struggling to get a good workout in lately with long days but I have been trying to do some short workouts every night to get some exercise in. Something is better than nothing, right? 

I’ve come up with a quick workout you can do this holiday season to stay on track. (Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer. This is a workout I came up with to do myself and am sharing with you! Use your judgement/consult a doctor before any new workout.)

Santa’s Helper Workout (Repeat 3 times)

  1. 30 seconds high knees
  2. 10 squats
  3. 25 crunches (any variety)
  4. 30 second plank
  5. 5 push-ups 

Do you have trouble working out this time of year? What do you do to get motivated? 


2 thoughts on “Santa’s Helper Workout

  1. I intentionally structure my training for the year where I am on rest and recovery in December. I do very unstructured workouts and just let my mind have a break. I find that keeps me motivated.

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