Workout in the park

You don’t need a gym membership to get a good workout in! Whether you are saving money or home for the summer, you can workout sans the gym to stay fit and healthy. One of my favorite “no gym” workouts is a workout in the park. You can do this by yourself or with a friend for some extra motivation. And you can change it up to fit your own personal goals or work on certain body parts. (Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer so workout at your own risk and consult a medical professional for advice.)

All you need for this workout is an open field. (Soccer ball is optional.)

To start: Run up and down the field three times each. (There and back is one). If you have a partner and a soccer ball you can make this more interesting (and fun) by kicking the soccer ball back and forth while you run. For an added challenge, sprint a quarter of the field every other run. 

After the first set of running: plank for one minute and bridge for one minute.

Repeat the same running pattern from before.

After that set: 30 push-ups and one minute of leg lifts.

Another running set.

Then: one minute of crunches, 30-50 squats.

One last set of running.

This workout allows you to get some cardio in with body weight training and toning at the same time. And it definitely wears you out. Make sure to listen to your body and take breaks when needed. 

Let me know what you think of my workout in the park! 


World Cup Season

One of my favorite sporting events has officially begun! The World Cup happens every four years and creates excitement and rivalries all over the world. Having played soccer growing up, I have a appreciation for the athleticism and skill shown during the tournament. And it definitely acts as a motivator to get moving.

The average soccer player burns anywhere from 500-800 calories in one hour of a game. But studies show that fans gain an average of five pounds during the tournament from unhealthy snacking. Switching to healthier snack alternatives can help. Swap the potato chips for carrots and other veggies to get important vitamins and nutrients while watching your figure. Try hummus instead of french onion dips. Little changes can help make your snacking more healthy and even fuel you up for some soccer of you own.

Playing soccer for fun is great and can also shake up a workout. Grab a partner and head to a local park or your backyard after the game where you can run around and pass the ball around. Running up and down the field while passing the ball is a great form of exercise as it forces you to run in intervals which is more effective than just running. And when you get to the goal you can practice your shot! 

You can even organize a pick up game with friends! The tournament has been great so far. Who are you rooting for?


Happy running day!

Rise and shine and plan some time to hit the pavement today! It’s national running day!

Whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner I encourage you to get outside or on the treadmill. Even if you don’t run normally or think you aren’t good at it, today is the
perfect day to try.

No one is good at running at first. In high school, even though I played sports I despised running. I would only train for soccer and did the bare minimum of running before the season. When I went to college I began to just run and learned to really enjoy it. Running is great because it allows you to constantly push yourself and achieve new goals. Whether it is more mileage or a quicker time, you can constantly feel yourself improving.

Happy national running day, readers! I hope you get out and celebrate!