Hiking Algonquin

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and explore the Adirondacks. While I don’t live too far away, I’ve never visited that part of NY state and it’s absolutely beautiful. I would definitely recommend it.

The Adirondacks are known for the 46 high peaks- the most intense hiking in the state. People challenge themselves to hike all 46 and are known as 46ers. (There’s even a local beer named for them.)

My boyfriend and I enjoy hiking so obviously we decided we were going to try one of the high peaks. And then picked the second highest one. Algonquin Peak is the second highest in NY at an elevation of 5,115 feet and was definitely the most difficult hike I have ever done.

The entire hike is 8.5 miles and takes about 8 hours to complete. And parts of the hike are basically rock climbing up a huge mountain. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous at times but getting to the top was totally worth it.




Unfortunately my camera broke when we got to the summit so the pictures are blurry and don’t do justice to the amazing view.

On the way up, I kept telling myself that if I could do this I could do anything. As I started to go down the mountain, I changed that to if I can get down this mountain I can do anything.

Going down a bunch of slippery rocks while your legs feel like they are going to give out- terrifying. But I did it! (And only gained three bruises on my legs.)

Challenging yourself to do new things and actually accomplishing them is always a great feeling. It can be something active, something at work, or something in your personal life. Whatever it is make it a goal to accomplish it. You’ll feel empowered and alive!


Vacation: R&R (And a maybe a workout or two)

As I packed for vacation I encountered the question of how much work out gear should I pack? Vacation is most certainly a time for relaxing, resting, and spending time with your fellow vacationers. But a couple workouts here and there can keep you on your fitness track and even be enjoyable. Here are some vacation workout ideas:

1. Explore where you are vacationing by taking a run or riding a bike through the town. You may find some great spots to eat, shop, or hang out.

2. Grab a partner. Take a run, walk, bike ride, swim with someone else on your vacation. You can motivate one another and get some quality bonding time in.

3. Do your workout early in the morning. That way you have the rest of the day to relax and hang out. 

4. Try something new. If you are vacationing by water you could go for a swim or try something like paddleboarding. If you are in the mountains you could go for a hike. On a lake? Rent a kayak. Trying something new will make it seem like you aren’t working out at all. 

Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy time with loved ones! 

Fresh Kicks

Have you been neglecting your sneakers? The shoes you workout in play a larger role in your workout than you may think. A good pair of workout shoes support your feet and the rest of your joints as you work out. Wearing the wrong shoes, or wearing old shoes can cause pain during your workout and even injury.

The first step is identifying what kind of workout shoe is best for you. Running shoes are good for those who put on a lot of mileage running each week. If you are training for a race or marathon you definitely want a pair of running shoes. Running shoes are lighter and provide more cushioning for when you foot hits the ground.

Cross trainers are better for a larger variety of workouts, such as strength training, HIIT, cardio, and more. These shoes provide more support for lateral movements.

It’s important that you replace your shoes regularly as well. The general rule of thumb is that you should replace running shoes every 300-400 miles. Cross trainers should be replaced every six months or so. You should listen to your body, as well. If you start to feel pain in your feet, knees, and back it may be time to go sneaker shopping.

My current shoes have hit their expiration date and I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair. I generally stick to New Balance shoes because I have plantar fasciitis and no arches. New Balance tend to have good arch support.

Here are some of the sneakers on my wish list: