Afternoon tea?

I’ve recently been trying to cut back on my coffee intake (a 9-5 can make it pretty bad). So instead of an afternoon coffee break, I’ve switched to tea. This switch has been great because it still gives me some energy to get through this afternoon but does not keep me up late at night. There are also some awesome health benefits of the different teas out there. Personally, I usually stick with green tea because it still has some caffeine but there are plenty of options out there with some great side effects.

Green tea: Not only does green tea help burn fat but its antioxidants also help fight against different types of cancer and neurological disorders.

Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea can help you relax and also help with bloating and digestive issues. Studies have shown that this tea can also help prevent complications from diabetes. 

Oolong tea: This tea variety can boost your metabolism and can actually sharpen your thinking skills!

White tea: This tea can help fight against signs of aging (goodbye wrinkles). It an also strengthen your teeth and boost your immunity.

Black tea: Sip on this to help prevent heart disease and cancer. It can also help your digestive system and help prevent diabetes. 

There are so many varieties out there and they can all provide you with antioxidants while helping you relax and be happier! Drink up!

What is your tea of choice? Image (Some even come with inspirational sayings)


4 thoughts on “Afternoon tea?

  1. I am in the same boat this year! I switched coffee for tea three times a week and now I am starting to find that on my coffee days I barely drink any of it! Tea tastes so much better and there is such a large variety to choose from! I do still love my weekend latte but now only need 1/2 the caffeine.

    Today I had Trader Joe’s decaf peppermint green tea! It is delish!

  2. Haha girl I totally feel you when it comes to caffeine overdose. In between high school and college, I even worked at Starbucks for a year! My favorite tea is the Tazo brand Zen tea, it’s a green tea with lemongrass and spearmint. White tea is also fantastic when you make it iced. I’d check out Rooibos tea to add another category- it’s a red tea, lighter than a black tea like chai but super yummy in the evenings if you’re craving dessert!

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