Take a selfie with Dove

I absolutely love Dove, for both their products and ad campaigns. In the past years, Dove has focused on redefining beauty for women and young girls. They are sending the message that you shouldn’t look like the models in the magazines because even those models don’t really look how they look in that ad or on that cover. This is so important as women are bombarded every day with these images which can take a serious toll on self-esteem and body image.

In it’s latest project, Dove takes on the trend of 2013- selfies. In a short film, viewers see the journey that teenage girls and their mothers take to see the beauty in their selfies- many of which were afraid to take. They were told to take pictures without hiding the things they did not like about themselves. The pictures are beautiful and you can see their inner beauty and confidence. The film premiered at Sundance and you can watch it here:

I think we can all learn a lesson from Dove and help redefine beauty. I challenge you to take a selfie right now- no matter how you think you look. Love it and share it. Here is my selfie- no makeup and hair undone. Show the world your beauty with #beautyis.



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