Get those vitamins naturally!

ICYMI: Doctors are now saying multivitamins are not as helpful as we thought…and in some cases they can even be harmful. This study found that daily multivitamins had no beneficial effect on cardiovascular health, cancer, or cognitive decline. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about the vitamins you are getting from your daily diet. Doctors believe that it is much more beneficial to get your vitamins and minerals through the food that you eat. Including different fruits and vegetables in your diet is the best way to get the vitamins your body needs. 

Here are some foods to help you stay healthy:

  • Sweet potatoes for Vitamin A
  • Chickpeas for Vitamin B6
  • Red peppers for Vitamin C
  • Spinach for Folate
  • Kale for Vitamin K

Eating a well-balanced diet is the best way to stay healthy! Try incorporating different ingredients into your everyday meals! 


4 thoughts on “Get those vitamins naturally!

  1. Wow, and I was hoping to start taking vitamins this year. So do they have no aid to your health at all, or just not as much as getting the food from your diet? I love sweet potatoes, so that’s good to know. I’ll try to get more vitamin filled foods in my diet.

    • It’s more that they just aren’t as helpful as we originally thought. In some cases they can be harmful so I think having a well-balanced diet is the best route. And I agree, sweet potatoes are delicious!

    • Eating super healthy all the time is hard…I know I can’t do it everyday! I have found Pinterest has some great recipes that are healthy but also really tasty! And sweet potatoes are awesome! Healthy and you can make them into a fry!

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