Autumn Leaves

This past weekend I went hiking with my boyfriend and some friends in our go-to hiking spot, a state park in Pennsylvania. While we have been there a few times before, this was the first time we visited in the fall. It was beautiful and now I’ve experienced every season there. It’s so interesting to see how one spot changes so much over the year. Often, we are too busy to notice in our everyday life. That’s one of the things I love about hiking- it allows you to appreciate nature in a way we sometimes ignore regularly.

Another great thing about hiking is that its a form of exercise disguised in exploring which always seems to be more fun. You burn around 100 calories per hour of your hike and we hiked for about 2 and 1/2 hours so it was a pretty nice Sunday morning workout. We also got to chat a long the way and stopped to look at some beautiful views. Simply being outside allows your mind to reset as you enjoy the simple things like the leaves changing colors. We also got a good dose of Vitamin D which is sometimes lacking as the temperature drops.

After our hike we went to an authentic German restaurant. Not the healthiest food but it sure was good and we were all hungry after our long hike. I had an andouille sausage which was a little bit spicy but so tasty.

Here are some pictures from the hike!



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