Tea Time

There is no doubt in my mind that I am a coffee girl. I’m not really human until I have a cup of coffee in the morning. While I enjoy a cup of tea now and then, it’s never been my go-to hot drink. After discovering there is more than black tea and green tea, however, I’m becoming quite obsessed with tea.

At my local farmers market there is a stand that sells all different types of tea with all different ingredients. Their flavors vary from organic apple cider tea to organic dandelion tea. Two weeks ago I picked up their ayuderic total body loose tea and a cup in the afternoon has become part of my everyday routine. The tea is full of ingredients that provide great health benefits:      


  1. Roobios (a natural form of caffeine)  helps prevent types of cancer and relieves stomach pains.
  2. Hibiscus which lowers blood pressure. 
  3. Spearmint to aid the digestive system and increase your metabolism.
  4. And many more! 

The flavor is great and a cup warms me up on a chilly fall afternoon. I still love my coffee but I can’t help but love how great this tea is for my body! 




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