Be aware

With the color pink plastering everything from NFL players’ gloves to designer hand bags, it is clear that it’s officially October, breast cancer awareness month. While we might be aware of the disease, we need to be aware of the signs and prevention methods. Breast cancer is a disease that affects too many women every year so knowing how to protect yourself is really what this month is all about. 

  1. Exercise! Exercising regularly helps reduce fat cells which lowers your risk of cancer.
  2. Self-examine! Don’t wait for your doctors appointment. You know your body best. Check occasionally for any lumps.
  3. Eat right! Choose foods high in antioxidants and nutrients. (Some studies suggest that dark chocolate can help prevent the disease as well. As if I needed another reason to indulge in chocolate.) You should also try to limit your alcohol intake.
  4. Learn and share knowledge! October should not be the only time we talk about breast cancer. Educate others to protect them and help prevent the disease. 

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