Shake up your workout!

Boredom = not motivated. It is as simple as that. Have you noticed that when you are bored of your workout routine it is harder to get yourself to the gym? The key to keeping yourself motivated is to try new workouts that keep you on your toes. I have always been a fan of circuit training because it breaks up the monotony of a workout and you can change it up every time. 

Circuit training combines aerobic exercise with resistance training which helps tone your muscles and also builds strength. One of the great benefits of alternating between an aerobic exercise and a resistance training exercise is that you actually burn more calories during and after your workout. Another positive about circuit training is that you can do it in the gym as well as outside or in your home. You can also do a lot in a short amount of time which makes it a great workout when you don’t have too much time.

Here’s the circuit I did yesterday (I can definitely feel it today) at a local track:

  1. Run one lap around track
  2. Do 30 burpees
  3. Run one lap around track
  4. Do 50 squates
  5. Run one lap around track
  6. Do 60 crunches (alternate type)
  7. Run one lap around track
  8. Do 30 mountain climbers
  9. Run one lap around track
  10. Do two 1 minute planks

Have you tried circuit training? Do you have any to share? I’m always looking for new things to try!


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