Workout Review: Victoria’s Secret Model Workout

The internet is full of great fitness and health ideas but it is hard to determine which tips are worth your time. Pinterest is usually my go to when I want to find a different workout to change up my routine. It can be overwhelming so my plan is to review the workouts I try and share my thoughts on each of them. 

The latest online workout I found was the Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit. The name pulled me in (who doesn’t want to be an angel?) and I was intrigued by the shortness of the workout because sometimes you only have 10 minutes. Overall, the workout was good. I was definitely sweating by the end of the 10 minutes but I still had a good amount of energy. I particularly likes this workout because the trainer leading it did the whole routine with you which I find to me a good source of motivation. You can make the workout more challenging by adding light dumbbells to the exercises or by doing the circuit more than once. It targets multiple parts of your body and gets your heart rate going. 

This workout is part of a series and there are other videos that target specific areas which is great if you want to work on a particular area.


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