Lather up…the right way

We all know that using sunscreen is important with skin cancer being the most common form of cancer today. However, do we know the right way to protect ourselves from the sun? The FDA has recently come out with some new tips on how to protect your skin from that strong summer sun. The FDA is now suggesting that we use twice the amount of sunscreen than we would previously slather on to ensure that we cover our entire body and do not miss any spots. If you go in the water you should air dry not towel dry to make sure that you are not wiping off the sunscreen you just applied. The FDA is also suggesting that we use an antioxidant serum before applying sunscreen to fight against other skin damaging molecules. Eating antioxidants, such as blueberries and raspberries, can also strengthen your fight against the sun. New studies also show that sunscreen spray is less effective than regular sunscreen lotion and you should always use an SPF above 15. 

It is important to protect yourself from the damages of the sun everyday but it is especially important when you are spending an extended period of time outside, such as during exercise. You should invest in a sport sunscreen that stays on even when you are sweating and make sure to lather up the right way!


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