You are more beautiful than you think

I love the advertising campaign done by Dove celebrating the natural beauty of women. The newest ad campaign focuses on the idea that women believe they are less beautiful than strangers believe. Dove asked women to describe themselves to a sketch artist who could not see them. When doing so the women focused on their “negative’ features. Dove then had strangers, who had talked to the women for a few minutes, to describe the woman to the same sketch artist. The two pictures were completely different. The strangers focused on the “positive” features of the women, many of which the women themselves never mentioned. This is empowering for women as we are constantly surrounded with images of  in-achievable bodies and faces of photo-shopped celebrities.  The moral? We are our harshest critics and we should embrace our true beauty.

The ad itself is beautiful to watch as the women see the sketches side by side and start to believe that they are in fact, beautiful.



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