How Steubenville affects women everywhere

Women have been fighting a “war at home” over the past few months stemming from the Violence Against Women Act that was in limbo for months to the recent handling of the Steubenville rape trial. The young men involved were found guilty of raping the 16- year- old girl whose name and photos were later leaked by the media showcasing the stigma that rape victims face today. Since, the victim has been threatened over social media sites, such as twitter – by other girls. This is mind-boggling. Everyone should let the young girl mourn over the terrible things that happened to her but other females especially should stand up and fight the “war against women” as well as the societal message that tells girls not to get raped rather than teach boys not to rape.

Luckily, the Violence Against Women Act has been passed which helps protect women against domestic violence as well as rape. A provision has also been added which regulates the way in which college campuses handle rape cases. Over the past few years, this has been a national problem.

Hopefully we learn from the Steubenville case and we start to protect one another with the added help of the VAWA.


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