“I’m lovin’ it” (But are we really?)

Next time you are feeling low, that ice cream may not be the best mood changer. According to a Penn State study, women tend to be unhappy after consuming unhealthy foods. The study included over 100 college-aged women who were asked to track their mood and eating habits. Researchers concluded that women who were in a bad mood prior to eating unhealthy food were in worse moods after reaching for the potato chips. Women who were happy before choosing the food, however, were not affected by their choice.

Why not try a healthy snack next time you feel a little low? Fruits such as apples, grapes, and berries can satisfy your sweet tooth without bringing your mood down even more. Exercise also releases endorphins, which lead to a better attitude and mood. Rather than driving through McDonald’s, try going on a jog or walk and smile.


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